Monday, April 4, 2011


Yesterday was a terrible day for Paris. I really thought I was going to lose him. He cried out in pain if I tried to pick him up, He wouldn't stand up or walk. He still ate and pottied but thats all. He laid with his legs spread out beside him and had a hard time breathing. I was afraid to give him anything for pain because of the hycodan he is on for his cough. I warmed up the rice sock and put it on his neck.

I finally got him to bed and he slept until 4, when I found him on the floor in front of his bed crying. I put him back in his bed and he went back to sleep.
This morning he was a bit better, so I gave him his medicine to help him rest and went off to work.
When I got home from work, he had a hard time getting up but wobbled outside to potty, and then he went and got his squeaky sock! Wow, that was a good sign.
He is breathing better and resting nicely in his circle bed as I write.
Who knows, maybe Spring Break was a bit too much for the old fella?


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  2. hope Paris is doing ok now. After all the poor little guy has to go through (going blind in the first place, then all the frustration that comes with it) the last thing he needs or deserves is to feel ill.

    My thoughts are with you both.

  3. Lori, Much better now, though he is still coughing more so I am taking him to the vet for a checkup either today or tomorrow. Probably the collapsing trachea getting worse. If it's not one's another. Thanks for asking.