Friday, April 22, 2011


Thankfully Paris is feeling much better. Good enough to do some exploring today!

Paris is back on his regular dog food and NO people food. This is hard for him and me too!

But he sure is happy to feel better!


  1. Yay for Paris! I'm glad to hear he is feeling better now. I hope the adjustment off of people food will be an easy one, but I also know how hard it can be too.

    My Shatzy was put on a strict raw food diet after SARDS, but I can't help but to give him a small amount of kibble once a day because he use to love the stuff. Its his midday treat. When he hears me shaking it into his bowl its the only time I get to see him walk fast and its amazing how quick he can find his bowl too :)

    Would there be a way to still give Paris some of the foods he once enjoyed but prepared in a way that works for him? If there was some people food he loved that can be made dog friendly by cutting out salt and seasonings would that work?

    In any case I loved reading the good news. I wish you both the best!

  2. Thanks Lori! That's an interesting idea about modifying the food. I'll have to ask the vet next time. Right now he's doing ok. Glad to hear Shatzy is doing well!