Saturday, April 9, 2011

Good Checkup!

Well paranoid Mom that I am, I took Paris for his 6 month checkup a month early. I just had to get him checked out.
 I was convinced he had congestive heart failure, and was about to go any day.
Thankfully I was WRONG!
My dear vet listened patiently to the recording I had made of Paris' cough, and all my concerns. He then asked how I was dealing with it all. How nice of him!
He said Paris's heart murmur sounded the same and his breathing in his lungs sounded clear. He said all the noise I hear is definatly coming from the trachea. He said he was as healthy as he could be for a dog who was blind. And yes he does have some hearing loss.

Paris was very happy with the news, but all tuckered out.
He was glad they didn't have to poke anything anywhere, too!


  1. Yay I'm so happy Paris got a good checkup!

    My little guy also suffers from collapsing trachea (we have so much in common) so following what you both go through is such a help to me. Sometimes with these horrible challenges our babies have to go through and knowing we're not alone helps the most.

    I hope to read many more good posts from Paris - he really is a wonderdog!

  2. Thanks Lori, Thanks for checking in on Paris. It is an ongoing adventure for sure. What kind of dog do you have? I have found that a teaspoon of honey will soothe Paris' throat until it's time for his medicine. I plan on posting a video of Paris' cough, then we can compare.

  3. My boy, whose name is Shatzy (it means little treasure in German) is a pomeranian and mini american eskimo cross. He basically looks like a cat sized version of a blond pomeranian.

    It developed when he was a young pup. I wanted to get him neutered and the vet at the time said it could pose a risk if his trachea was weak - so I never went through with it. Over the years it almost seemed like he was barely bothered by it, but since being struck with SARDS he has moments that scare me. They can last for close to a minute which can seem like forever when they are struggling to catch their breath. My holistic friend taught me a tapping motion to help him relax which helps when we are out for our walk and I have nothing with me. Maybe getting constantly tapped on his head is distracting more than anything but it does help :)

    Paris reminds me of my Mother's dog, Sugar. She was the same type as Paris and this little girl got to be close to 20 years old. Many years after Sugar went to the rainbow bridge I brought home Shatzy as a companion for my Mom, but he decided that I was going to be his Mom and that was it.