Saturday, April 16, 2011

I spoke too soon! Rash!

Well I thought he was having a good week...

This rash just popped up overnight, I gave him some benedryl and rubbed some hydrocortosone cream on it. If it doesn't improve I'll head to the vets. (sorry for the pee pee shot but thats where the rash is).


  1. Oh poor little Paris! This little guy has already been through so much it breaks my heart.

    I hope the rash isn't getting any worse. Hugs to the little guy and to you for being the tough mommy you would have to be to see him through all this.

  2. I almost forgot to mention this holistic place I go to. She is in Canada like me, but she offers many holistic remedies for all sorts of ailments. Her website is

    I have used several of her products and have gotten to know her. She is a really great lady who really cares for animals. I don't know if you'd be interested but if you really don't like the possible side effects of mainstream medication, then a holistic approach may be something to check out.

  3. Thanks Lori, I will check it out!