Monday, January 17, 2011

No walk today!

Paris says, "Darn, it's raining so no walk today".
Here is what he looks like dressed in his vest to go for a walk.
The vest has rings at the neck for the leash to hook to. It is made by Puppia. I like it because it doesn't pull on his neck, because he has collapsing trachea.

Paris gets lost on our walks sometimes and just sits down. I get right down there with him and explain that we are going home and everything is ok. After a few minutes I guess he gets it and starts to walk again. I can't ever walk somewhere he's never been, he just won't walk at all without the smell clues.
He enjoys walking but I worry about him scraping his little nose on the cement. I wish he would trust me to lead him. Maybe that will come in time.
Off to play with the squeaky squirrels...

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