Thursday, January 5, 2012


Paris has been having terrible nights, three in a row, so I called the vet and he said it may be Paris' time. He was not sleeping, gasping for air for 20 minutes at a time. He just laid on his circle bed the third day and didn't want to get up. It was horrible. I was finally prepared to help him out. I came home from work yesterday and there he was all wagging and kissing and even played with the squeaky sock! It's like he knew I talked to the doctor. He slept very well last night, only waking once with a short wheezing fit. I do hear some crackling in his lungs I never heard before and his breathing is more labored. I will keep a close watch on the old fella.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear the past few days have been rough on Paris...and you.

    I hope things get better for him. He's been such an inspiration to me and I'm sure to many other people out there who are searching for help and hope when their dogs go blind.

    C'mon Paris! One of your many fans in Canada is routing for you!

  2. I just started reading your blog 2 days ago from beginning until today. I found it while searching for info because my lil Bella is also going blind. The way you wrote about Paris was so inspiring that I am now in the process of starting my own blog for Bella.
    Many hugs to you at this difficult time and please know that you and Paris have touched a complete stranger and helped put my sadness & fears a bit at ease. Take care <3

  3. Thank you Pam this is a most difficult time for me. I miss Paris so much. I couldn't have imagines this pain.

  4. I know...and I'm so sorry. I/we lost our other lil dog Luna in a horrific way 2 years ago to the date of us finding out Bella is blind in one eye and will eventually be completely blind, she's only 2 yrs old:(...I still miss Luna like crazy & I still giggle when I think of the silly things she used to do:)
    They are truly our lil furbabies, they love us so unconditionally and our lives are enriched by them being in it. You gave Paris a wonderful life from what I have read and his memory will be with you forever. again...*hugs* and take care