Saturday, December 10, 2011

Deaths Door

Wednesday evening I thought Paris was on Death's door. He was so lethargic and wouldn't get out of bed. He didn't even move when my son sat next to him with cheese! Paris loves cheese, he can't have it anymore, but he loves it.
Next day, he was fine, playing squeaky sock and running into things like normal.
Friday I made an appointment and took him in. Dr. Daniel is the most compassionate vet I have ever met. Paris was wheezing like crazy from the excitement of a car ride. Dr. Daniel said he heard no change in his trachea and his heart sounds great and no fluid in his lungs! He said when Paris has more of the bad days (like Wednesday) than the good days then we'll be concerned. He said we would pass on all the shots this year, Paris doesn't need the extra stress on his system. He said to keep doing what I am doing, it seems to be doing the trick for now.
That is such a relief, Paris doesn't know how lucky he is!
Here's hoping for more of the good days for us all.

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