Sunday, March 13, 2011

Up for hours...

Up for hours last night at 3 am.
Paris was wandering the room, crying and bumping into things. I let him go outside and he did his stuff.
When I brought him back inside, he wouldn't stay in his bed. Then he tried to get up on my bed, which he never does anymore, so I let him get under the covers and he fell asleep right away.
 I was afraid to let him stay there in case he tried to get off and hurt himself so I put him back in his bed (right next to mine). He finally went back to sleep (me too) around 5 or 5:30.We slept till 8am!
Now he is back asleep on my lap.
Whew what a night!


  1. I'm sorry you and Paris had a bad night. I go through bad nights with my boy in his restlessness too. Your baby went blind in November, mine went blind in December from SARDS.

    Is it still so new that they can still remember what it was like to see and they're just sick and tired of darkness that out of frustration they're trying to find a way out?

    Its a heartbreaking thing to witness our beloved fur babies going through this. At the very least I know I'm not alone.

    Hugs to Paris!!!

  2. Thanks Lori,
    I don't know what it was, maybe frustration or fear? But last night we both slept really well, thank goodness!

  3. Did your dog ever settle into a sleep schedule? Our dog went blind last month with SARDS and keeps us up every night wandering around and getting lost. We don't know if it's the blindness or other symptoms from SARDS. Your blog is giving us some comfort that we are not alone though!

  4. Oh yes that was just a one time thing. He sleeps right on his bed on the floor next to me. Do you shut your door at night so he can't wander? Glad you are reading about Paris. Hope I can help some.